February 17, 2009


ORANJESTAD — Hans Mos resigns his position as Chief Public Prosecutor. As a result of the statements in the leaked-out VNO-report, Justice-minister Rudy Croes has supposedly ordered him and also prosecutor Kasper van der Schaft to leave.

This appeared in this morning’s daily newspaper Trouw. It’s not clear what the leak-out exactly has to do with the dismissal. Based on their contract, both Mos and Van der Schaft had still another year in office. In a conversation with the Wereldomroep, minister Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands, Frido Croes denies the fact that the early departure of Mos has something to do with the leaked-out VNO-report. He says that Van der Schaft leaves because ‘his contract has run out’.

Public Prosecution's Office (OM)-spokesperson Ann Angela has only confirmed yesterday that Mos leaves in the summer. According to an official statement of the OM, Harm Brouwer, chairman of the Dutch College of procurators general and with that the highest boss of the OM in the Netherlands, Mos was offered two positions with the OM in the Netherlands last Monday. Mos will decide on one of these positions before this coming March 1st.



Anonymous said...

You have to give lots of credit to ArubanBoycott.com. The owner of the blog site has put immense on the queen to fire Hans Mos for his studipidy of refusing to arrest Joran on his Holland confession.

Anonymous said...

Hero will take over the Natalee case and Joran will be arrested soon.