February 18, 2009



Has There REALLY Been a Difference
Between Hans Mos and original prosecutor Karin Janssen?

After Hans Mos leaves the prosecutor's office in Aruba, who will take his place? Will that person make their empty promises to "solve the case" in order to end the ugly shadow that has been hovering over them since May, 2005?

Karin Janssen - USA TODAY - 06/30/05

“They spoke about the situation that when there is no body you don’t have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance,” Janssen said. Janssen said that the elder van der Sloot had obstructed the investigation by asking a friend of Joran, who had been interrogated by police, what he had told them. Janssen told MSNBC that he was arrested because investigators believed he was also a suspect in the disappearance.

Karin Janssen - ‘The Abrams Report’ - June 30, 2005

JANSSEN: The father has spoken with those three suspects, and he said he give them some legal advice, but I think the advices were going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case. And that was already in the first day after the disappearance.

When one looks over the pattern of her involvement in the Natalee Holloway case, we have to ask did Karin Janssen do a "friend a favor" or purposely buy time for the suspects to rehearse their lies, erase all evidence, change statements, allow some statements to become missing and therefore was she directly involved in a cover-up?

We remember it was Karin Janssen that asked the most unfathomable questions of Beth:
  • If she was related to Hitler
  • About life insurance policies

All the while maintaining a position of non-disclosure to the family that were so desperate to know what happened to the victim in this case, their daughter Natalee.

...It can be concluded that given all the information Karin Janssen had available to her, the notion that there was good "cause for suspicion" was knowingly false, and the fact that the guards were still pursued, in light of ALE and prosecutors knowing that no drop off ever occurred, suggests collusion between the ALE and Karin Janssen for the sole purpose of denying Natalee's family the truth of what had been inflicted upon their child, and covering up for the real perpetrators: Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe, Satish Kalpoe and Paulus van der Sloot.

...Karin Janssen and the other Aruban officials continue, even today, along with the bloggers on-line, in planting lies and disrupting forward progress in this case.

The fact that Prosecutor Karin Janssen and polis detectives Dennis Jacobs and Jan van der Straten, all in charge of the investigation, were not pursuing the facts, or the surveillance tapes that demonstrated Natalee never return to the hotel; while ignoring all the contradictions of the statements by Joran and Kalpoe brothers paints a very clear picture indeed. It would seem impossible for any competent professional to come up with the strategical course that Karin Janssen utilized and not realize she was involved in a collusion to cover up these crimes.


Promised to "solve the case"; yet refused pertinent information offered by Greta van Susteren because he "didn't work weekends" and had a "vacation coming up. He also refused to believe or even acknowledge the two successful polygraphs taken in the United States by a witness who saw Joran the night Natalee went missing. He even refused to return the calls of Holloway Attorney John Q. Kelly.

Also see previous post "What a Real Prosecutor Would Do".

So my question is...what new clown will replace the circus?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Christine Chung, a former senior trial attorney at the ICC who steered investigations for the prosecution in Uganda and DRC, acknowledged that there was pressure on prosecutors to start cases. However, she told IWPR that this pressure did not adversely affect investigations.

Christine is being considered to become the new Aruba Prosecutor.