March 13, 2009



March 13, 2009

Hi Michelle.

I am writing to correct some misinformation on your blog.

The Associated Press forbids its writers to accept any free trips, upgrades, discounts or gifts. Fritz went to Aruba with members of his family on his own vacation time and wrote a story about his personal vacation.

The family paid for the trip. I understand that Fritz sent a note to the blog to this effect but I do not see it posted. As you know, we included some information about the Holloway case in the story.

I completely respect your right to express opinions about the story and I respect your commitment to getting justice in the Holloway case. I am merely asking you to consider taking a moment to clear up this misimpression on your blog, beginning with the “I am guessing…” statement.

Thank you.

Beth Harpaz
Associated Press Travel Editor
450 W. 33rd St. , 14th floor
New York, NY 10001

212-621-1832 (prefer email to phone calls for releases)

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Levi said...

No Michelle do not remove it!

Anonymous said...

It's time to ask The Associated Press to produce an electronic image of all Fritz's Aruba travel expenses receipts. The Associated Press is attempting to coverup their wrong-doings like the Aruban government does. It is a well known knowledge that Aruba even offers free trips to government officials.

Richard said...

It's interesting that AP sent a response to your blog posting, which was quite recent; the story itself is fairly new. That suggests that someone is tracking the responses that this article gets. In my mind, the only one(s) who would have a motive to do that would be the writer, Aruba, or both. Unless you have a disillusioned reader who told them ....

KW said...

Hey there. I wouldn't take it down. You are entitled to your opinion, we all are.

The writer of the letter has every right to ask you to take it down if they want. And you have every right to tell the writer to stick it if you want. (Which is what I would do.)

donald said...

Mr Faerber's opinion is that Aruba has done all it can to provide the justice that Natalee's family deserves.
Ms Harpaz is of the opinion that to suggest the AHATA is behind Mr Faerber's article is erroneous.

Given the tourist agencies and their writer's penchant for "getting it wrong" I think Ms Simonsen's opinion is relevant.

donald said...

Mr Faerber's opinion is that Aruba has done all it can to provide the justice that Natalee's family deserves.
Ms Harpaz is of the opinion that to suggest the AHATA is behind Mr Faerber's article is erroneous.

Given the tourist agencies and their writer's penchant for "getting it wrong" I think Ms Simonsen's opinion is relevant.

Anonymous said...

White House says it encourages business travel
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The White House is encouraging encouraged Americans to travel, soothing words for the tourism industry that had complained for weeks that a remark from the president about corporate junkets had a chilling effect on business travel....

The law says there shall be no conflict of interests which will influence the outcome of justice. Aruba is buying influences to coverup their wrong-doings and injustice to the American citizen Natalee Holloway.

Anonymous said...

It's hot! Hillary better pays attention this particular Aruba corruption and coverups issues. It's getting the nerve of every American citizen who voted for Obama for the change and justice.

Anonymous said...

Worst come to worst, Google can shut down this particular blog at will and at its pleasure. AP has the clout to that.

Anonymous said...

Foxnews already got the wind of this incident. Great will talk about this controversy in her Friday storyline tonight. AP is a fierce competitor of Foxnews on the Natalee Holloway disappearance and stories.

Michelle said...

I say BRING IT ON, then! I have no violated any rules on blogger. No one has been libeled, nothing offensive, no hate speech, etc.

It's called the 1st amendment. Besides, I'd just start another blog and bring everything over!

"The Man" doesn't scare me.

Anonymous said...

AP is also a short trademark for Aruba Press. They hired Lewis Black to blast at you right now with 4 Fs.

Anonymous said... webpage has just been deleted by Aruba. This webpage was discussing the offering of free trips to any qualified travelers.

Sounds like a new coverup is on going.

Anonymous said...

I believe the time has come to choose for a new political policymaking. A policymaking which must be insured constitutionally in executive the sense be. We must be aware of the political history of Aruba. A history which is characterised in the last decades by the political parties of AVP and MEP. It is clear that both parties have not succeeded them to insure Aruba of a permanent development in economically and social area. The way they conduct campaign, finds I controversial because the cried of the voting public it is no longer observed when the campaign is time behind the back, They wants emphasise that it become better would will but if we it must will examine in ours

Anonymous said...

Are we there yet?

"The small, Dutch island of Aruba is taking giant strides to draw families in through an island-wide program called, 'Kids Are Cool - Kids Are Free' " writes Matthew J. Costello, in a Scuba Times article used by parents as a guide to family dive vacations.

According to Lee Ann Zehnder, a spokesperson for Red Sail Sports on Aruba, " diving families is "a trend we've been noticing. We know how expensive a diving vacation can be."

Under the coordination of the Aruba Tourism Authority the 'Kids Are Cool - Kids Are Free' program is based on the concept that kids age 11 and under stay for free, reducing the parents' vacation expenses and inducing them to come to Aruba.

Michael Thonissen, Niche Marketing Manager of the Aruba Tourism Authority, says that "this program has received solid support from hotels and local businesses on the island. We expect this to attract new and repeat visitors to Aruba.

There are perks, some adults could get free trips if they are VIP guests.

Anonymous said...

Hell NO!!Freedom of speech!!

Anonymous said...

As the global recession deepens, The Dutch people are worried about the possibility of total economic meltdown of the Kingdom triggered by the corruption and coverups of Natalee's kidnaping, rape and murder committed by Aruba and rich Dutchman Joran van der Sloot.

Anonymous said...

Aruba has done everything it can to provide justice? They put Jorans Godfather and Paulus close friend in charge of the case. I'm pretty sure if you check dutch law. It would be criminal act to have him handling the case on that basis alone. It would seem to be a huge conflict of interest. Ex aruban commissioner Zandamm said he shouldn't have been on the case anyway. It's not work for a commissioner. Who in aruba assigned him to the case. Because it seems that the gov't and police haven't been following the law

david said...

I'm not sure I agree with your statement that you "have no violated any rules" here Michelle. You say that the writer is taking money from the government to lie about the Holloway case. You have no basis or evidence for believing this put you publicize it anyway. You are then told flat out that Mr. Faerber did not receive any money from the government but you doggedly, defiantly leave your original story published for all to see. Sounds like libel to me.