April 20, 2009


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By Michelle

Overall, I think that the Natalee Holloway movie was well done. Tracy Pollan played a very good Beth Holloway in her dire moments of sadness; however, Pollan could have played up the raging anger Beth suffered by the blatant police cover up and the government's plan to protect Joran and the Van der Sloot family.

I enjoyed the beginning sequence during the infamous secret recorded car conversation between Joran and Patrick van der Eem. It was a great use of foreshadowing of what was to unfold.  


After Beth and Jug landed in Aruba and found Joran's house and his father, what happened to the running back and forth between casinos in order to buy Joran time to get back to his house?  

Why wasn't Joran nervous, disheveled and sweaty when he pulled up to the house during the initial confrontation like Beth described in her book?  

Why did he not act defensive while pounding his chest screaming, "What do you want me to do about it?!"    

And what about Paulus Van der Sloot?  

No mention of his arrest, his "pool side chat" with the boys telling them "no body, no case", his "sweaty" meeting with Beth during the first week, his lawsuits against the police for arresting him, his "best friend" in the police department, and the obvious lies used to cover up where Joran was that night and the next morning.

The actor who played Joran didn't come through as evil as Joran really is.  All the features of his psychological demeanor were left out of Joran's character.  Instead the actor portrayed Joran as this charming spoiled brat like someone out of "Gossip Girl", who has a habit for preying and drugging girls.  But oops..."after like 20 times" of doing this (Joran's exact admission on TV), "something bad happened", and he just got scared and lied.  

Joran's character did not display the diabolical, sociopathic, and pathological liar that he is in real life.  The only time he appeared cold and sinister were in the secretly recorded car scenes.

I was also disappointed in the complete absence of the "catch and release" of the other characters such as Steve Croes, Geoffrey Van Comvoirt, Guido Wever, and Lorenzo Zedan-Arambatzis.  These omitted facts add to the pain that Beth and Dave had to endure while trying to find the truth of what happened to Natalee and that could have helped the strength of the film.

However, I do think the movie's perception of how Beth was treated by an angry Aruban mob with signs saying "Get Out", while screaming "Go Home!" was great. This, coupled with the police's lack of investigation has done and will continue to do harm to Aruba's already bad reputation and tourism crisis.

With that said, I think this movie did everything possible to shed light on this case while destroying Aruba at the same time.

Intentional or not?  We'll never know!  But who's complaining?

End Note:

One thing that I found somewhat creepy was the first time that the Mountain Brook kids went to Carlos-n-Charlies, a "man" was bumping into the girls and Natalee's stepbrother stepped in to push him away.  In real life it is purported to have been Geoffrey van Comvoirt. 

However, if you have a copy of the movie, watch this "man" because he looks exactly like Paulus Van der Sloot.


Anonymous said...

There are writings on the wall. The boycott is real. The evil Arubans just refuse to believe it. Just look at the airlines and cruise ships, they are already start moving away from this deadly HIV infested island Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The HIV epidemic in Aruba is a result of the habitual corruption and coverup of its people and government. The Arubans are extremely dishonest, arrogant and diabotic.

Anonymous said...

The movie is a very good movie, easy for the American people to remember how corrupt and coverup the Aruban government is. You can read the lines between the movie scenes, and see that the ALE covers up the trails as they go. So it is easy for the Americans to make up their mind by never visit Aruba again. It is just too awful and dangerous to do that. Aruba is a very bad name in America's recent history. No one will regret that Aruba will disappear from the face of the earth soon. Aruba will be soon bypassed and forgetten forever. Their last three decades of hotel developments and tourism is just a hoorible waste casued by Joran van der Sloot now nesting in Thailand.

Anonymous said...





Queen Beatrix is behind the coverup. You don't have to believe.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get to see the movie. While thumbing thru one of the tabloid papers waiting for my cold cuts. I saw an article that it claimed that Dave Holloway didn't know about the movie until just recently. He wasn't aware of it? You would have thought they would have contacted him for input

Anonymous said...

The only thing the Arubans are afraid of, the boycott! So, Boycott Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Boycott is simple, just don't go to Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me???? HIV infested island??? hahahahaha YOU WISH!!!
Pfff please... Grow up peeps!!

I mean come on how many millions of people, children and beautful blond girls go missing in the US??? ha?? can some one please answer me?

Btw your boycottig Aruba but how can you blame the Island and the Arubians for something a DUTCH GUY DID???

And also where were Nathalee's friends?? My friends would never let me go with some strangers not even if I was sober imagen if i was wasted, that thought of going with stranger wouldn't even have to pass my mind.
Friends?? where were you? Did Nathalee have any friends with her?
If you want to boycot then boycot that DUTCH GUY JORAN and THE DUTCH LAWS.
We Arubians all hate Joran for what he has done! Giving our Island such a bad name!

WE feel sorry that this had to happen on our little Paradise and we feel sorry for her mom, but she has to really stop boycotting us.

We hope that this issue will be solved soon so that our name also can be cleared.

Please I hope we can all live in PEACE!

An Arubian who loves her Island very much.

Anonymous said...

Amigoe today:

Natalee Holloway film badly received by American press
20 Apr, 2009, 16:38 (GMT -04:00)

ORANGE CITY - Last night was the TV movie "Natalee Holloway" was first shown by the television channel Lifetime Movie Network.

The all in South Africa shot film, based on the book Loving Natalee, concerning the disappearance of Holloway in Aruba, through the eyes of mother Beth was in the American press poorly received. Alec Harvey Birmingham News calls it a "sloppy, unstable and quickly forget 'look at the story. The scenario, according to Harvey 'cheesy and manipulative are.

When asked what the impact of the Natalee Holloway movie in the U.S. tourism will be responded marketing manager of Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) Frits Israel: "The representatives now to the Annual Tourism Conference 2009 have been familiar with aruba. After Holloway disappeared, we have great support and assistance of their received. This effort and assistance ensured that the number of American tourists continued to grow after the Holloway incident. Next week will be monitored on the American tourism. If we say strange things, the necessary measures. The fact that Holloway film a movie based on the truth is that it does not like the film depicts, was done. It will be for a number of debates concerns. And impact on tourists who already had a negative image of Aruba. "
Israel says that if action should be, ATA ready. Meanwhile Arubans on Facebook created an action to protest against the film and how it is portrayed Aruba


The Arubans are really scared of the boycott and Michelle Harstad-Simonsen at Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba is a good thing that every good American can do it for Natalee. The Natalee Holloway movie just receives the highest 5 stars rating according to the latest worldwide polls. Everyone polled says they will boycott Aruba. One airline executive said he just got news that his airline company will layoff all the workers in Aruba and suspend all the operations there until the coverup gets resolved, and the economic conditions in Aruba improves. Aruba is now facing the highest unemployment in the Dutch Antillies. The safety for the American tourists is not good at all.

Anonymous said...

The Annual Tourism Conference 2009 chairperson will make a decision to abolish Aruba's membership. Aruba is unfit to be participating in the ATC's promotions, forums and marketing booths and displays. ATC receives thousands of complaints about Aruba last few days.

Anonymous said...

The routine maintenances of the cruise ships done at Aruba docks will not be allowed to deducted as operating expenses on the federal tax return. The shipowners are very angry with Aruba for their criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

The president exposes the corruptions in Aruba by using the power of boycotting.

Anonymous said...

Aruba will never prosecute Joran or ever do what they should have done three almost four years ago.
Only boycott will get the Aruba's attention. And the message is imporant and clear. BOYCOTT ARUBA IS NOT A JOKE. Everyone in the world wants to boycott Aruba. The Natalee Holloway movie does it.

Anonymous said...

Boycott is more like wild fires burning and sweeping the whole island in inferno. The schools and groceries stores will close doors. And afraid of the layoff ALE officers will arm robbery the banks and homes. There is no law governing in Aruba. The Aruban government is a darkside nest of drug lords and mafia pimps. The boycott will bring Aruba to its knees in four months, instead of 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Everyone watching the movie really wants to boycott Aruba. The Aruba vacation package is expensive. The movie is more damageing Arubas image than intended. But the movie has implanted the boycott motive in people's mind that cannot be erased that quickly. Aruba will suffer badly the fate of its own making. Oduber has the absolute power to arrest Joran if he wants to. The Aruban people should demand Oduber's resignation from his prime minister post in the government.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's nose is growing in Aruba. "Number of American tourists continued to grow after the Holloway incident."

ATA ready for action if need be.

The boycott is working like wild fires. It is contagious. If one visitor cancels the Aruban package, the whole family clan will do the same to save the money and troubles ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

Giving a pass to Aruba authorities is a big mistake, the real course of events lies with the Aruba authorities. The Aruba authorities are still controlling the investigation and it is going nowhere. They know as long as Natalee is not found the full story cannot be told.

The boycott will force Oduber to arrest Joran, and tell the complete story of what happened to Natalee. The boycott will find the truth, and it's the only way to make Joran to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 20, 2009) Lifetime Movie Network's Original Movie Natalee Holloway delivered the Network's highest ratings ever in its 11-year history, garnering 3.2 million Total Viewers.

Fox will broadcast its lease of the movie with Greta show next week. Projected viewers will be another 3 millions. The total worldwide viewers will be over 6 millions. Here you have over 6 million people who will boycott Aruba. So the Natalee Holloway movie and the ArubanBoycott Grassroots Movement is a big success. Aruba is very scared of the boycott and the movie.

Anonymous said...

Given that many american homes don't get the movie network. It should be interesting to see what it does when on Lifetime

Anonymous said...

Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said there's a need to coordinate the boycott against Aruba. He is consulting Hillary. People of all of the nations are angry and want to boycott Aruba. Better relactions between the Dutch and US governments can result from this remarkable joint boycott actions against Aruba. The Dutch government volunteers the boycott inititives involved in policing the coastline off of Aruba. The American authorities will stop the money laundering between the Aruba and US banks.

Anonymous said...

After watching the movie, many Americans still can't believe that not one damn American in power can do a thing about bringing justice for Natalee. So they all want to boycott Aruba. The boycott number is now growing to over 6 millions.

Anonymous said...

The changing stories and lies made up by Aruba that are making the viewers mad as hell, they all are boycotting Aruba now. The Arubans are still not able to comprehend what kind of damage this movie brings and hit their tiny smelly fifthy island Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The AHTA says boycotting Aruba is not worth it in their newly advertising in US. Aruba is not affected, and they have more American tourists than ever.

Anonymous said...

The new owner of the Aruba oil refinery demands the Aruban government to resolve Natalee Holloway crisis as soon as posiible before the company decides to hire the layoff police staff as the oil refinery security team. The new long term contract will give the Aruban government a tax base of 10 million dollars annually.

Anonymous said...

AHTA going to invite Dave and Robin back to their island to review all the forensic evidences collected from the Persistence ocean search and the Aruban pond. Dave and Robin do not support boycott, and they are friends of the Aruban people.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, Just in Dutch SBS6 news: Joran vdS is back in Holland. And he says he wants to tell new things on the NH case.

The pressure is too much for Joran van der Sloot, he wants to have a shot in making his own movie. Plus, he quited the Thailand university for unknown reasons, may be of his poor health in Thailand. His Dutch doctor
diagnosed and said he got excessive sweating, hypertension, serious sleeping disorder, apnea and insomia.