April 19, 2006


This came from another anonymous poster...looks like we can see more information about VCB Security. Read the comment below and check out the website:

Trucker set (First aid kit, rubber boots, safety vest, gasmask and lots more). All fire hoses and hose accessories are offered by VCB security. The only official retailer of SMEBA products in the Caribbean.

The VCB marked SMEBA fire hoses are seen at the building wall around the incinerator in-feed conveyor. It certainly indicates VCB Security has a contract to guard and fire-fight in and around that particular facility.


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That is it. That is a correct setup for an industial grade incinerator operation. No doubt VCB Security is the only qualified operator in Aruba to manage this high risk facility. The ISO International Registry lists VCB as a certified ISO 9000 Quality Security provider.

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Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:47 Post subject: Woman claims she has a strange Beth recording?


"The following is an interesting email sent to Associated Press. It is self explanatory. Does it have validity? I don't know, but if we could hear that recording it would certainly be interesting."

To Whom This May Concern,
I am writing this letter to put an end to all of the speculation of what happened to Natalee Holloway. My name is Kelly Castillo. This letter is from myself and Daniel Young; we work together and are put in a category of being a "medium". We are able to communicate with people that have passed away, and we help bring comfort or messages to people still living with the help from our Indian spirit guides. We take what we do very serious because we are dealing with peoples lives. This letter is not about us; it is for the truth to come out about what happened to Natalee Holloway, and to clear a wonderful family's ruined reputation since they have been under attack and used as a scape goat to hide the real truth in other homes.

Everything that I am about to tell you has been told face to face to: The Aruba Police, State Prosecutor Karin Janssen, and many reporters from the newspaper, Aruba Today.

To make a long story short we were asked by Beth Twitty to go to Aruba back in December to find Natalee. We went at our own expense. Many things transpired and the bottom line is she did not want to hear what we found out. At that time we could not understand why, but after going back to Aruba a week ago and sharing the information that we had, we found out. We got validation on every name that we gave of the people that Natalee was last with. It was apparent that Beth did not want to hear what we had to say, because she has been lying from the very beginning about what happened to her daughter in order to hide her own dark secret in her home!

Natalee called her mother before she was due to leave the island saying that she was not going to be coming back home to Alabama. The story of Natalee missing her flight and Beth coming to Aruba is false. Natalee called Beth from her cell phone while Beth was already in route on a private plane telling her mother not to come to Aruba because Natalee would not be coming home. Natalee has tried to run away before, and she was being molested by her stepfather Jug Twitty and she was pregnant. She left everything behind, including her cell phone, so that she would not be found. Natalee's roommate packed her suitcase and it was at the airport waiting for her, thinking that she would change her mind but as we all know she did not.

Joran Van Der sloot was not the last person with Natalee. Beth has only been going after Joran and his family because she believe Joran was helping Natalee hide. He dropped her off at the fisherman's hut like he said, and afterwards she was befriended by a guy named Marlon. He crossed our path while we were in Aruba the first time and when we told Beth that we are able to ID the guy that was with Natalee after Joran dropped her off, she said, "I don't care who was with my daughter last!". We have that conversation tape recorded and it has been played to Karin Janssen, who was blown away by that comment. This made sense to Karin. She had a poster to show us which was only seen in Aruba that Beth put up when she first got there. It did not say "MISSING", it said "NATALEE", with a note from her for Natalee to call her. If your child was really missing wouldn't you make a poster saying "please anyone if you have seen this girl please call the police?" Reporters told us of a statement that Beth gave on the Aruba TV where Beth was saying, "Natalee please call me we can work out our problems." No one in America saw that.

There is also a tape of Natalee and a guy named Michael at the Windam Hotel buying a necklace and having an argument day's, maybe weeks, after she had allegedly gone missing. All the while the country is spending money searching for her. The guy named Michael on the video tape, was a bouncer and Carlos and Charlies. He was tortured, murdered, and his body burnt the week of April 3rd while we were in Aruba. That story did not come to America either. We also know that Natalee called Beth about fifteen day's after her being "missing" from Michael's cell phone telling Beth again to go home, and that Natalee was not going with her.

We gave the names of many people that Natalee hung out with and partied with during her last weeks alive , we also told them of a guy named scooby that if they would bring in would talk and all names were validated by everyone that we talked to. .We took the police right to the spot where her body was at the other end of the island and Dennis Jacobs was going to send a team out the following morning with dogs? No one killed her. She died of an over dose and we know the house that she was in when she died and also, that she was buried and reburied.(does a CBS 48 hour story sound a little similar?) There are many people who were with her and saw her on the island. No one has come forward because of the fear of the drug issue. It is so much easier to let Joran take the blame, since people saw her leave with him and the other boys.

We were told by the Police about a bar bill of $16,000 that was drunk by Beth and her friends as they stayed for free at the Holiday Inn because the hotel felt so bad for her missing daughter. DOES THAT SOUND A LITTLE OUT OF CHARACTER FOR A MOTHER DISTRAUGHT LOOKING FOR HER DAUGHTER? The same story played out at the Windam Hotel as well, and this was confirmed by many other locals on the island that Beth and her friend's acting like they were on vacation.

In America it seems to be that about 9 out of 10 times when a child is missing or murdered, the first place the police looks at is the family. Since this took place in a foreign country, Aruba opened their hearts and spent so much time and money searching for a missing girl, who just ran away from a dark secret she had been hiding, and wanted to get away from. It is too bad that no one thought to check if there were any family problems in the Twitty household, because you just never know what goes on behind closed doors. We have so much more information, and our story was posted in the Bondia news paper on April 10Th. It was supposed to be in the Aruba Today in English the following day, but did not happen. Here is the link to that article.( http://www.arubacentral.com/newspaper/bondia/April/10/A-10-04-2006.pdf )

All of the above information that I stated is the absolute truth and can be proven. why eles would two people be able to travel to Aruba give names of people that they have never met? and then with all the information that was given to them all, Karin Janssen, Dennis Jacobs, Eric Soemers, and other Police officers and lead reporters on the case, why would Karin Janssen

I'll just leave it at that . . .
No dot connecting here . . .

Justice for ALL!
Aruba August 2006!!

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Are they going to be able to sustain any of their allegations in the NY lawsuit???
Seems life sentences in 3 countries..
support Aruba, VanDerSloot Family & Kalpoe Br

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again, sorry this was so long


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So is this the complete story...the one we keep hearing bits & pieces of...the one a core group of vandersloot supporters have concocted?

I hope it is...because I have been wanting to hear the whole thing.

Now..all I can say is...do you really think America, the FBI, and Holland will believe this without any supporting evidence...or ...has that been manufactured too?

I hardly think anyone in Aruba is sophisticated to pull this off...and surely they realize it is a prosecutable crime to attempt it.

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Not to mention or forget the bogus letter that supposedly Natalee wrote to Paulus. Only DNA and finger prints found on the letter were Paulus himself. hmmmm