April 19, 2006


By Meri, Boycott Blogger


n 1: a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile) 2: the act of rotating rapidly; "he gave the crank a spin"; "it broke off after much twisting" [syn: twirl, twist, twisting, whirl] 3: a short drive in a car; "he took the new car for a spin" 4: rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral [syn: tailspin] 5: a distinctive interpretation (especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion); "the campaign put a favorable spin on the story" v 1: revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy" [syn: spin around, whirl, reel, gyrate] 2: stream in jets, of liquids; "The creek spun its course through the woods" 3: cause to spin; "spin a coin" [syn: whirl, birl, twirl] 4: make up a story; "spin a yarn" 5: form a web by making a thread; "spiders spin a fine web" 6: work natural fibers into a thread; "spin silk" 7: twist and turn so as to give an intended interpretation; "The President's spokesmen had to spin the story to make it less embarrasing" 8: prolong or extend; "spin out a visit" [syn: spin out] Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

That's all that I've been hearing from Joe T., Julia Renfro and anyone else who takes the position of defending Joran van der Sloot. They have become masters of the art of "Spinning". Joe T. was on Imus ranting and raving about suing everyone on the planet so what's next? Does he plan to host SNL? How about Howard Stern? Gee, why not MTV?

Whatsamaddawitchu Joe T. have you run out of REAL media venues? How about booking yourself a spot on Comedy Central? You can do an entire show where you make threats. Did it ever occur to you that the reason why people are accusing your client is because he opened his mouth and inserted his big foot? If that isn't enough for you how about the fact that he admits to being the guy who was last known to have seen Natalee?

What about his big lie about the security guards Joe? Didn't your client cause us to have some lingering suspicions and doubts about him when he lied and kept on lying? He said that he wouldn't believe himself....why do you believe him? Oh, I know the answer to that one...yay for me...YOU are getting paid. Just like Ms. Arnold your partner and fellow attorney for Joran who said on The Abrams Report that Beth was only suing Joran for the MONEY. All she wants is the MONEY. Are you people delusional? Haven't you been listening for the past 11 months?

Beth wants answers...let me spell that out for you since you only understand SPIN rather than normal dialogue and truth...


That's what Beth and Dave want. If they could have had some answers during this long, drawn out fiasco there would be NO civil suit. How dare you accuse the parents of a girl who is missing and presumed dead of wanting to make a buck over her probably dead body?

What kind of a man are you? Even if he's innocent and never harmed a hair on Natalee's head we know what type of person he is....that client of yours. He's a liar and a self-proclaimed "Pimp". That's your golden boy Joe. He has anger problems and he steals money from his own parents and he drank and gambled under the legal age of consent. Is it any wonder why we don't believe your client Joe? Guilty or innocent in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, your client is NOT a nice person Joe. He is not to be believed and he certainly isn't to be trusted.

Spin it any way that you please..you bet on a lame horse when you took this case. Win, lose or draw...Joran is NOT a nice person and he has done some really despicable things. Getting two innocent black guys arrested and allowing them to rot in a jail cell is not nice Joe. I can't say for certainty that your client is guilty of harming Natalee and it may turn out that he didn't...but I can say that he is a pathological liar and that he has no conscience for what he did to those two guards.

So continue your journey to ridiculous television shows and continue to threaten people for accusing your client of being all manner of terrible things and while you're doing that remember exactly why some of us feel that way.....aside from the fact that Dompig told us that he and his friends are "Guilty as hell", we have heard the lies and seen the pictures and we have NO reason to believe that Joran is innocent.

If it turns out that he is....I will still believe that he is pond scum and a liar and a creep because he has proven that he IS a liar and a creep. That's something he won't be able to shake off quite so easily. EVERYONE knows that Joran lies.



Anonymous said...

No one out does Beth, spending her time putting out fires.

Anonymous said...

Ole joe t. is so out of control he looks like some dumb attorney on speed on all the shows. blaming everything on everyone else except joran, who by the way was the last one to see Natalee alive. Now joe you can sue me too!!!!hahaha what a joke you are. Stay in Aruba they seem to like you.

Anonymous said...

Joe T. should divorce Joran now before his spin hits the shit fan. Joe has damaged his brilliant defense attorney career by blaming on an innocent, helpless and missing American teenager girl in Aruba. The American people won't budge and will continue to critize Joe's unbecoming behavior, sue me if you will, I am a federal judge in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Joe T, you can sue the Bushies but not the Royal Dutch Government. The Queen sees Joran is doubtful of all his lies about an honorable young American woman who is missing in Aruba by the care of Joran. The Dutch government in Hague is investigating all the criminal records related to the PVS and GVC families and trying to comprehene why the families allowl their kids running wild on the island and preying on the young American female tourists. There is a giant conflict of interest on that island because the PVS family is part of the legal system in Aruba, and GVC family is an element of the ALE. The Dutch government just cannot ignore and be compromising this explosive governmental corruption in the world view. The Joe T. Joran Aruban scandal is harming the reputation of the Queen greatly.



Michelle said...

Check it out now!

Anonymous said...

Great post Michelle!
I'm not listening to the defense comments anymore. They are all a bunch of liars.