April 19, 2006


Joe, bring it on!

Today from an anonymous poster:

WOW!!! Anybody else see Joe Tacopina on IMUS this morning?? If I was Beth/Jug , I'd be quickly moving all my assets to an offshore account somewhere. Tacopina really showed his cards today. He said he is unequivocally, no holds barred, mark my words going to win a huge defamation settlement for Joran.

He's going after many people including the parents who called Joran a murderer, predator, rapists etc. He was furious. I think everyone suspected that, but this is the first absolute overt threat. This man could gladly be my lawyer anyday, whether you like Joran or not, this dude is on fire and setting a great example for lawyers everywhere. Tacopina even dared IMUS to call Joran a murderer on TV and said he'd come after him too.

My response for Joey:

Ok, first of all, Taco doesn't know what he's talking about. It's amazing how he passed the bar.

1. Joran is not a U.S. citizen and is not protected under the same rights as Americans.

2. If a person becomes a public figure, people can say what they want. It's called the first amendment. Joran is not only a non-American citizen, he is also no longer a private citizen. He is a suspect in investigation watched and known worldwide. He has willingly gone on interviews and has admitted that he is a liar and if he were someone else he wouldn't believe him either.

3. In order to prove libel (libel is written; slander is spoken), the plaintiff has the burden of proof that Joran suffered damages. What are his damages? That everyone things he's Satan's child?

Therefore, due to #1, all of this is a moot point. I don't believe I've heard Scott Peterson and his evil parents suing anyone? Or OJ? Not even the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey? How about Michael Jackson?

Please...someone take this Taco Joe aside and bitch slap him for me. His "strategy" is to SCARE people. It's a tactic that has worked since the world began. ("Hey Eve! Don't eat that apple!") Fear can control anyone. We have seen that after 9/11.

If this is his "strategy", then I suggest that John Kelly sue all the forums and bloggers that say things libelous things about Natalee, Beth and their entire family. Catch my drift, Joe?

I don't know about anyone else, but I am not afraid of you Joe. So keep on reading, buddy.


Anonymous said...

Joe T has Class B diabetes, his sugar level is subtle and rollcoastering, unpredictable. He likes to fight, and also ready to please, it all depends. When goes back to his co-inhabitant, he is a spineless freak. He had been kicked out of her house few months ago. Joran is sissy, Joe T is very fond of him for obvious reason. His outburst is sugar and sex related. And that won't work in all these greasy Joran lies.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, isnt this just so sweet

Our friend Medleyrelay again

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Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:05 pm Post subject:


Give it a rest here Jonathon - all anita did was email me to say that Joran did not know GVC - Joran had already emailed me and said the same. Why is it so difficult to understand that not everyone on that island knows each other -- I have neighbors that I do not know - do you know everyone in your neighborhood - and we are talking about an island. These 2 young men did not run in the same circles at all -GVC was a techinal student, that had apparently difficutly in school and was not as I understand an athlete. Joran went to the International School - got all A's and had a scholarship to college, and spent most of his time with sports. GVC had not lived on the island that many years - they were not even childhood aquaintences either!

Even the media outlets say this now -- and even Jossy Mansur the VDS basher says the same. No matter how you want to twist this out Jonathon it is not the case - no connection - NONE give it a rest!
I'll just leave it at that . . .
No dot connecting here . . .

Justice for ALL!
Aruba August 2006!!

unreal, huh?

Anonymous said...

A comment about Beth from Medleyrelay-

So is it any surprise that she is not speaking right now. First of all she has to figure out how to get rid of all the bull shit all over her face, before she can appear in public again. After that, well I am assuming she is speaking to a good public relations experts, someone that might be able to guide her into how to rehabiliate her image...................

blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...Joran doesn't know Geo, blah blah. Like I would believe anything coming out of Aruba.
My finger is still pointing at Joran and the Kalpoe's. "You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear."

Don't even try. Mary **==
Oh and Joe Tacopina, I consider you a traitor to the United States.
Sue me!


Time is short for Joran, Deepak, and Satish. I'm seeing bars in their future. Prison bars. ahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Joe T. is using a very old tactic...when you don't have a defense then you must go on the offense...fear,threats,intimdation anything to divert attention from his client...jus standard operating procedure....I'm sure JQK has advised Twitty/Holloway to tone it down...because now they have a legal case in progress..lets get them in court and resolve this civil case properly...

RJ Lamon said...

WOW!!! Looks like it's Slam Beth Twitty day!!! Craig Mitnick on Dayside said "the holloways railroaded Joran and won't look anywhere else" Dan Abrams just said "saying that Joran sexually assaulted is not fact, it's ambiguity. And Vinda Desouza said there was no sexual assault confessed to by Joran. Then Joe T's colleague said Beth's myopic with tunnel vision and out for money with her civil suit!!! Unbelievable!!! Why all the hate all of a sudden? Beth looked like she was going to cry. I feel bad for her sometimes. No one wants to be ridiculed on television. They're all haters!

Anonymous said...

It turns out to be Medleyrelay Jan is the surrogate mother of Joran. Jan was the American hipee woman who answered the Classified in NY Times many years back for that test tube baby job. Anita was unable to get pregnant at the first couple of intercourses and Paulus pleaded Medleyrelay for help. Jan and Anita had sworn to god because of the surrogate mother contract that they never knew each other until last year when Joran got into the big trouble. Out of the motherhood instinct, both women talk again, and know one another. Anita let Jan sleep with Papa Paulus for one night while she and Joran were visiting the strip club in downtown Mathantan all paid for by ABC. So who is lying, Jan or Anita or both of them. Joran knows GVC well enough to ask him a favor of letting him to use the sex boat for porn plays with the underage girls. You can see all these facts in Joran's portfolio of pics all over Internet. Joran does know GVC for sure. It is an undisputable fact.

Anonymous said...

Since when has joe t. been able to practice law in Aruba? He seems to know that the other arrests to be made there are not his client. Something smells bad here (corruption). Aruba looks even more pathetic when they have to count on an American attorney to spin for them.