May 06, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I wanted to place this blog here on Michelle's site because she has worked so hard to help find Natalee and because she cares so much.

It has been almost a year since Natalee disappeared and I am trying to come up with some words that would describe how I personally feel about her. I never met Natalee and I didn't even know who she was prior to May 30, 2005 when the news broke out of Aruba that an American teenager had missed her plane on the day that she was supposed to return home after a post-graduation trip to an Island in the Caribbean. The idea was for the Grads to have fun, spread their wings and have a last fling before preparing to begin their adult lives.

Natalee along with many of the other students was to attend college after the summer was over. The other students were able to carry out their plans and goals except for one...Natalee Holloway. All but one returned to America that late Spring day. All but one were alive and well and looking toward their future.

For the parents of Natalee Holloway that was the last day of normal life for them. Nothing would ever be the same.

Oddly enough, Natalee's disappearance also came to have an effect on many other people...virtual strangers before that moment in time. I am one of those people.

I heard about Natalee on the news and since I have a special interest in research and criminal law I was listening closely when I first heard about the missing teenager from Mountain Brook, Alabama. At first it was just another case of yet another sad, desperate family searching for a loved one but it changed for me before long. I have a great need to see justice done and when it came to Natalee's disappearance I soon realized that there was little chance of that ever happening.

It wasn't long before I began to see the beginnings of what would turn out to forever tarnish the Island of Aruba; incompetence, corruption, nepotism and cover-up on the part of some members of law enforcement, government and even members of the Aruban print press. I would see how the color of one's skin could directly affect how people were treated and I would see how relationships between those sworn to enforce the law and those who were related to them altered things. I would see a nightmare unfolding before the eyes of the world and in the hearts and souls of Natalee's family; a never-ending nightmare.

Some things affected me more profoundly than others and I would have to begin by naming Natalee's mother. Beth, a woman who refused and refuses to give up on her quest to find her child and Natalee's father, Dave, who in his quiet way could not hide his suffering and frustration as he searched a putrid landfill for the remains of his daughter. Michelle became a vocal and fierce advocate for Natalee as did "Deetch" on his own blog site. Susan Nagle and the Team established by Art Wood recruited people to support the family and do whatever they could to help find answers. Joe Mammana fought in his 'unique' and philanthropic way to put up a generous reward, made sure that Beth met people who could help her and warn those who might have been responsible for Natalee's disappearance to never let their guard down because he had Beth's back and would do anything to help her find her daughter. Art Wood walked along the beaches interviewing people, finding clues and doing his best to solve the riddle of what had happened to Natalee Holloway. The unwavering moderator of Blogs For Natalee found that her job was 24/7, yet she soldiered on and still does. Rita Cosby, Greta Van Susteren, Dan Abrams and Kimberley Guilfoyle all covered the case almost nightly to keep Natalee's name in the public consciousness. Pat Hurley's brilliant articles were filled with emotion and beautifully articulated.

There are many others...too many to name here but they know who they are and Natalee's family knows who they are as well.

Despite the support and the coverage there are those who show nothing but cruelty towards Natalee and her family and those of us who have tried to help. They insult Natalee's family, make up things that are hurtful and lie for some perverse reason that I can only interpret as jealousy and ignorance. They have few facts and nothing whatsoever to back up their allegations, yet they continue to post on their hate sites.

I can understand people wanting to help a family in crisis and I can even understand the desire of some to sit by and do nothing, but I will never understand the need to insult and lie about those who are grieving and suffering such a loss as the one that Natalee Holloway's family is going through. The people who do this are soulless. I have no doubt that someday they will be dealt with and that they will pay dearly for their lack of human compassion and empathy.

Now a year later, Natalee Holloway may still be gone but she has made a huge impact on many, many lives and that means that she lives on.

I am proud to have gotten to know her and her family....although I wish it could have been under different circumstances. Natalee, Beth, Dave and all of the rest of you who have enriched my life in too many ways to list, it has been a humbling experience.

May God bless you all and look over Natalee wherever she is.



Anonymous said...

Joran has no name, he was "The boy from Brazil" planted into the Sloot's family. Joran was grown and groomed to be the next Hitler. The world needs to stop this SOB from day one. Joran has no shame and no conscience in lying about Natalee. I have made Natalee's graduation portrait as my wallpaper in all my personal laptops. I am working for a China trading company which has won two projects for the economic developments in Aruba. All the people in my office love Natalee. Natalee is a princess of peace. My focus team have a sense of Natalee of who she is. Natalee is one of us, an honest team member, works very hard, does the right thing and makes the right decision. Natalee has her good name. Joran is a convolution of lies and evil bangbus of malice, identical to Hitler back into the future. I painted a pic of him on the top of a piss bowl deoderant pack and placed it into one of the piss stalls in the men room. People love to piss in there. One guy said he could piss so hard on it, he forced out all his kidney stones and saved himself from a major surgery. He no longer felt the pain ever since he kept pissing on Joran's face in the toilet bowl. We all feel that way. May 17 is the piss day for Joran and Joe T.

Anonymous said...

Today is the Sunday May 7, a ten days countdown towards the decision on the civil case against the foreigner rapist murderer suspect Joran van der Sloot. If the case were dismissed, the whole world will think our Supreme Courts is a total silly joke. America is abandoning her own daughter Natalee. From thereon the foreigners can freely terrorize our American daughters traveling aboard without paying any consequences. There is a deep anger from the American people towards the current administration which is not doing enough protecting the American citizens in other countries, especially the case in Aruba. Many talented high officials are abandoning this current administration because it serves no meaningful purpose to our great nation of America. We have so many problems today is because our president lies so much that the American people don't trust him anymore, just like Joran. We need to make a change, put Joran on trial under oath to get the truth out about what he had done with Natalee. Or the American people can put this administration on impeachment to find out why it is not doing anything to help to protect Natalee in Aruba, and letting the vicious Arubans terroring Natalee. We all want to know by May 17.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

(b) Procedure.
(1) Papers in any civil actions or proceedings designated pursuant to this section, including those commencing an action or proceeding, may be filed with the appropriate court clerk by facsimile transmission at a facsimile telephone
number provided by the court for that purpose. The cover page of each facsimile transmission shall be in a form prescribed by the Chief Administrator and shall state the nature of the paper being filed; the name, address and
telephone number of the filing party or party's attorney; the
facsimile telephone number that may receive a return facsimile transmission, and the number of total pages, including the cover page, being filed. The papers, including exhibits, shall comply with the requirements of CPLR 2101(a) and section 202.5 of this Part and shall be signed as required
by law. Whenever a paper is filed that requires the payment of a filing fee, a separate credit card or debit card authorization sheet shall be included and shall contain the credit or debit card number or other information of the party or attorney permitting such card to be debited by the clerk for payment of the filing fee. The card authorization sheet shall be kept separately by the clerk and shall not be a part of the public record. The clerk shall not be required to accept papers more than 50 pages in length, including exhibits but excluding the cover page and the card authorization sheet.

Joe T. made a fatal mistake with his last filing. He was late and faxed his cover page using the wrong name, address or telephone number of the filing party. Any filing over 50 pages faxed to the court shall require a filing fee. Joe T. did not forward a separate credit card authorization sheet together with his cover page. Therefore the clerk shall not be required to accept papers more than 50 pages in length, including
exhibits but excluding the cover page and the card authorization sheet. Looks like the court only has 50 pages of the 119 pages of Joe T. filing in the judge's docket. And the civil case folder is zipped, and no more pages can be added in. Joe T. is in big trouble. He is just so reckless. He just talks and talks and talks in the MSM, and paying no attention on what he was doing. What a sad story! But nobody feels sorry for Joran.

Carpe Noctem said...

That was beautiful & so true. Very nice piece, Meri!

Anonymous said...

OMG How could that be? Where was that his "119 pages" doc3.pdf on the blogs come from? Was that official or draft or fake? Somebody or Joe needs to answer that question. Surely no one wants to give a shit to Joran, but that seems to be a gross error made by Joe T. on his part if the rumor turns out to be true. Exactly, the clerks received thousands of fax pages daily, they were doing their job of pushing the docket. Rules are laid down, and the fax machines in the law offices are automated. The machines fax the pages to the court and they got verification page of each page sent in the exact size and image, since they were copied from the original documents with a timestamp on the top margin of the replied copy. However, some of these "119 pages" had the timestamp, and some did not, so what's going on? Somebody needs to answer that question. Hence the clerk would just put the 50 pages in the docket folder on the computer because there was "no credit card verification form" come with it. The remainder of the "119 pages" were sitting on the "trash bin" for someone to claim by sending in a filing fee. After ten days the computer trash bin were emptied. And the filing deems official in the docket.

Anonymous said...

Is that a conspiracy that Joe T. is selling out Joran by a "mistake" made unintentinally. Hmmmmm, things are getting very very strange.

Anonymous said...

That depends, there are goods and bads in that 911 package. If those 50 pages are the bad parts, Joe T is toasted and done. He would not have to appear in court on May 17. Save his breath. IMOO

Anonymous said...

Joe is a good criminal lawyer but nothing about his being a good civil laws attorney. His credentials are totally clouded. He may lose all his clients. His civil cases quotations are textbook materials, just so boring and incomprehensible. And there is no life in all his court filings.

Anonymous said...

The achievements of the participants are important elements for merits considered by the judge in a civil case lawsuit. Natalee has been admitted to a full scholarship at University of Alabama Medical School. That is quite an achievement for a young tender lady. Where is Joran now? Is he still doing his "community service" in Holland or attending school. He has been bouncing around from continent to continent so often, people wonder why he is still doing all these stupid interviews. Be practical, what is Joran's GPA or SAT score anyway? The International School of Aruba keeps saying Joran is a straight A student, can they volunteer some academic records of Joran's to prove that claim. When it all comes before the judge, the perception of Joran by the public eyes does matter.

soxfan said...

Since that time of this girl gone missing, Joe C. has established himself as a ligitimate contender for the gold glove. Let's hope that A-rod does not get it on name alone.
There must be justice!

Anonymous said...

The worst part about Joe T is his "three strikes" theory. He said Joran lied only three times and his story never wavers. Natalee doesn't have any opportunity to speak for herself. She has never lied to Joran and trusted him enough to get into the cab with him. There is no mention of Joran's good character in Joe T's filings, they have a very weak defense scenario in front of the judge on May 17.

Anonymous said...

Joe Crede indeed!
Good call Soxfan!

bull said...

You can put it on the board - YES!!