July 30, 2006


If there are any people out there who believe that the Dutch and its Aruban counterparts are totally innocent and blame free...then you have to be completely insane. I don't need a psychiatrist's official diagnosis. What kind of people are you to think of things like this in order for your own laughs...or just to degrade a voiceless victim?!

What in the hell did Natalee do to YOU???

Did you know her? Did you have a vendetta against her? Did she take your lunch money? Just because one doesn't agree or like her mother does not give ANYONE the right to degrade the victim. Natalee was/is a beautiful person inside and out and she DESERVES the DIGNITY. She will haunt those who killed her FOREVER. We are her angels and good things will come to us...we are avenging her death. We are helping her parents in doing this. They would be powerless without the backing of millions of Americans who will watch Aruba disintegrate.

This site SUCKS...it's vulgar, rude and typical of Dutch culture. NO CLASS. I must say you people are sick. I can't think of any other word to describe you. Wouldn't it be nice if we could put you all on a big boat and exile you to a large deserted island so you may all live your lawless, valueless, animalistic world.

OUR world does not need people like you, your cultures, your attitudes and morales, your people or your government, those that support you, and the others that conspire to look the other way, cover up and lie.


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Anonymous said...

Joran juice is running wet in his pants right now. He pissed on himself all night. He regreted that he told his beach story lies for the world to know. There is no turning back, and the devil sucks him to the 7 bottom hell hole. The NYC Trial for him is on. The United Nations also stand against him. Even China in the Security Council agreed Joran has to be handled squarely. There are abolutely no tolerance for his Blonde Beach Behavior. Joran degrades the whole humankind and abused the whole dignity of the American people. China says Joran should never set foot on her land, or he will be detained for questioning his wrongdoing of deserting a woman in a windy cold dark beach. China is rebuilding the Pannama Cannal, and she would not allow any workers dumping any woman bodies into the waters. When comes to building the Aruba Tower in downtown Aruba, Joran should leave Aruba permanently or the China comercial jurisdiction will arrest him for disrupting the business transactions in the technology parks. The Dutch bylaws are clearly written into the Mega Billions contracts, and China LE will enforce it. So the only Hell Hole Joran can seek shelter is Holland alone, and nowhere else.

Anonymous said...

Joran and his wolfpack friends are animals. They are so vile, violent, vulgar, full of lies and murderous. If you need somebody to blame for your problems, blame on Joran. He is the nightmare of the wouldbe mother-in-laws. Joran will rape your daughters, pretend to marry them and force them into prostitutions. For he is the PIMP. Highlight him on the link popup, hit Ctrl v to dump it into the Google and save the search content to your briefcase. Wait till this afternoon when you get the Civil Trial website, send your support of evidence there. Get busy, we need all your help to convict Joran and his animals and put them in jail.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, most of it is in Dutch, so can you even read what it says??? Obviously not, because they are actually taking the piss out of Joran!

It's nothing more or less than what you have been doing, imo...

By the way, complaining to "geen stijl" won't do you any good. They've allowed this on their site. Do you really think they care about a few angry e-mails from some ignorant Americans? I know they don't!!!

Anonymous said...

you cannot translate because the text is in pictures. Most of it is in poor taste. But I do not think they are suggesting Joran is innocent, they seem to be making fun of him in most of the images imo, it (they) are suggesting his guilt.