August 22, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I am continuing in my pursuit of the truth and wanted to keep you all updated. Information is starting to flow quickly and it is going to make a big difference in how some of us view what we now believe is truth and who we see as friends.

So many of us have worked so hard to help Natalee's Family and we plan on continuing that. I want to point out that this boycott movement is VERY important because at the moment it is our only real weapon and we must use it to bring the Aruban authorities to their knees and give up what they know about Natalee. They DO know more than they are saying and we have to do whatever we can to make them speak.

To be blunt and a little profane..."money talks and bullshit walks". If anyone is in a position to hurt our efforts they must be exposed. They cannot be allowed to continue conning Natalee's family and blocking our efforts. They are out there among us right now. We read their words all of the time and we have been fooled. Good, decent, and innocent people are being dragged down to the level of these individuals and we can't let that continue.

We can't allow anyone to stop our momentum and we won't. Those who have something to hide know who they are and soon you will all know as well. Those who have been pretending will be named and exposed for all to see. Too many people have invested too much of their lives and time to be fooled and Natalee deserves better. Not all of the good, hard-working people get much recognition but they deserve it and they will get it from me. They may be excluded from the thank you notes posted on various sites but their voices will be heard.

Every time I blog I will name a couple of those people who have devoted so much of their lives these past months...Michelle..Frank...thank you. Beth, as always....our promise to you continues and won't end until you have your answers. The worst thing that anyone can do is rush to judgment because eventually they look foolish.

That, unfortunately, will be the case before this series ends. It is never wise to listen to only one person before jumping in and speaking out. One should know all of the facts and that hasn't always been the case as of late. For those of you who know me and have known me for a long time now, you know that I am not vicious and you know that I would NEVER do anything to harm Natalee's memory or her family.

Those who judge me without knowing what I have had to say in the past are wrong. I am no hater. I have fought the haters. Once they are exposed I won't give them another thought. They do NOT count. I promised to tell you all the truth about what some of us have discovered and I will. I also promised to do it as accurately and honestly as possible so that takes time.

I try to never post hearsay and unsubstantiated gossip so you will have to allow me to do this in my own way and in my own time. I do NOT name my sources and never have so the information has to be verified and I have to be sure of what I am telling you. I have to be satisfied that I am correct in my assertions.

For those who continue to judge and bad-mouth go ahead and do what you must do. It will not stop me from my blogging. For those of you who have shown your faith in me and asked that people simply listen to what I have to say...thank you. I will not let you down.

This is ALL about NATALEE and that's as it should be. It has always been that way for me. My loyalty is to her and seeing that she gets justice and since there are those who are behind the scenes doing everything in their power to stop that justice we will go forward. Sadly, some of them are very close by. I have yet to name any names or expose any blog yet people are acting as if they have a guilty conscience.

Maybe they do......

Part One--Here

Part Two--Here


Anonymous said...

Somethings not been right at that site for a long time Meri. The idea that RH would post there to protect the reputation's of a few posters is more than a little suspect. Good for you for calling them out about it. and good luck on exposing the chafe.

Anonymous said...

Meri, I have always read your articles with a clear sense that you have a deep love for Natalee Holloway and a depth of compassion that guides others in finding their courage to stand by her side.

We must keep the focus on Natalee and we must stand up against anyone who seeks to slander this child, her mother Beth, her fahter Dave, Robin, Jug or any of her family.

Boycott we must and boycott we will and no amount of slander will stop us from seeking justice for this child!

We must join together for Natalee!
She needs all of us and her family is counting on us!

As for those who viciously attack and de-rail with the intent of breaking us all apart?

They will not stop this movement.
Justice and truth have a way of finding the light of day.

This child will not be silenced!

Anonymous said...

Meri, as always thank you.

That site is terrible. I was a former member. Needless to say, I left due to certain members who were there to change our way of thinking and the admin allowed it. We were hissed at while the others were allowed to continue.

I'm thankful you're taking the plunge to stand up for what's right. To protect Natalee and her family.

You're a loving, caring person and I've appreciated reading your messages. You care deeply for the family and Natalee. It show's through your remarkable words.

Keep up the great work! I support you 100%.

Boycott Aruba
Let's bring Natalee home!

Anonymous said...

What site are you talking about? And if this is true...why would you not contact the owner of the blog before making all these acdusations and threats? There are people on every blog that are there for their own agenda.....and not necessarily for the family of Natalee or Natalee herself....there are those that post here for the same resons. Will you also expose them? Will you respond to this post?

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba is Boycott Sex Offender. We want to register Joran as the Nunber One Most Wanted Sex Predator in this World.

Rammstein said...

You are right, not all blogs are created equally. We at BFN support Natalee AND HER FAMILY. Where as Deetch or as you call him Frank D. is not a supporter of Natalee AND HER FAMILY.

Remember these words Meri:

Frank D. (Deetch). His heart is huge and his writing bold and gutsy. He is determined to find answers and his blog is the first place that I ever read about the Holloway case. Frank is my friend and we have met in person. I will spare him anymore platitudes because he would be embarrassed and because he does what he does out of love and a deep need to see justice done.

Well this is what your heart felt buddy today wrote about Natalee's family/Robin Holloway:

And speaking of freak shows, Robin Holloway took time out of her busy schedule to thank some hard working posters over at BSFNRBDP.

It was a little surprising that she overstepped the single best poster on all things Natalee in favor of some unemployed Dutch guys, but, to each his own.

And of course the timing was interesting. No doubt she read the posts of a hotel manager in Aruba and 2 guys who like to tell others to shut up (where have we heard that before?) and talk about their cocks, and found it necessary to thank them.

All on her own? I'm sure she wasn't asked to do it or someone else didn't write those words for her. Just don't ask her to quote a post by any of them. Natalee is dropped on the beach again by Robin Holloway of all people. Sad, very sad.

He really showed us at BFN who's side he is on. Maybe he needs investigation by your professionals?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the posers amongst us,i can smell em a mile away. I'm human.....i have been fooled but not very often.
I like you guys/gals, what you stand for and i stand with you.
I read quite a few Natalee sites from the start but found myself always drawn to just a few and your's is one of them.
They want to rewrite history with the smear campaign on Natalee & her family and it just won't work. I gotta say that i'm surprised these people are so stupid to put themselves through all this for these guys. They did it. We all know who led Natalee away on May 30, 2006 and lied like hell before she was even reported missing. Innocent people do not do that. Why is the entire island willing to pay for what these goons did? Thats F'n Nuts! Don't you see......its been over a year & we've seen statements. Ya can't play stupid and whats left is ugly. See Aruba has ALOT to lose here. Beth & Dave & Matt & the rest of the family have had to learn to live with their incredible loss. Except to lie what can you do to this family any worse than the Sloots over a year ago? Not Much but Aruba has alot to lose, just ALOT less of *IT* everyday. I must say that i can't believe anyone, Americans especially for ever going there again after the way they've treated Natalee & her family! I think the reason you have any American tourist at all is coz they don't watch news & don't know what happened to Natalee. Thats where *we* come help Beth get & keep the word out that Aruba is NOT SAFE. Gotta love the internet....anyone can google aruba for themselves & see how aruba treats their guests & their family if something happens to them, and we who watched the cruel & inhumane way these people were treated will still be here telling them not to waste their time or money on aruba.
I didn't this was going to get so long but i'm passionate on this on so many level. Thank you.

Michelle Says So said...

Mayan Moons--

Please email me at


Anonymous said...

Rammstein--I am very proud to call "Deetch" my friend. I have known what he stands for, of all the hard work that he has put into finding truth for Natalee AND her family and I know what is in his heart.

A finer, more caring person you will never meet...ANYWHERE.

He writes from his heart and he writes HONESTLY. I support him completely.


Anonymous said...

I also frequented several pro-Natalee boards and have been a member at BFN since almost day 1. It is sad to see what has happened there. Things have changed so much over there in the last few months... you can almost pinpoint it to a specific day.

I guess I lost faith in the site when things of this nature stared occurring; If you don't like me and don't want me here I'll just quit... and then the "please come back we love you" threads... geesh. Pitch a hissy fit, leave, and wait to be begged to return. This is just one instance... and THIS BS is about Natalle???

But, as you stated, there are still some good hearted people over there that care about Natalee. I sincerely hope you do "out" these bad eggs.

Rammstein said...

A finer, more caring person that insults the stepmother of Natalee?

Anonymous said...

I have read your post before and thought you cared about Natalee's family.
But after reading alot of crap for the past few days I think for some reason it's not about "Natalee's Family" anymore..why is it that this blog never mentions Dave & Robin..they are her father & only Beth is mentioned..and at other blogs it's Dave & Robin. and here it is ok If someone attacks Robin, Deetch did just that,but you defend him? what's up with that?
I can't imagine any of Natalee's family would want this to happen..but yet you say you are for the family ?
I thought ALL of Natalee's family matter not just Beth & Jug..not Just Dave & Robin..all these people make up Natalee's Family..not just one or the other.
I just wonder what Natalee thinks about all this fighting..threatening to expose forums..blogs. all in her Name!

GOOD GOD what is going on with you people who claim to CARE so much about Natalee and her family ???

Anonymous said...

Considering that one of the posters that Robin 'thanked' is famous for referring to Natalee and her friends as "the Mountain Brook Brats" -- I highly doubt that Robin actually reads the forum.

I can't imagine that Robin would consider that supportive -- or be 'thanksful' for it.

Of course, this poster deletes all of his/her posts every day -- but I'm sure someone has saved them in the event that Robin or Dave would like to read them.

Robin probably thought she was helping diffuse a bad situation -- because she was asked to.

Or do they think that Dave and Robin have no problem with Natalee and her friends being referred to as a 'brats'?

And imo, the forum sacrificed all the rest of the hard working, loyal and supportive posters -- to single out and THANK a poster who refers to Natalee as a brat.

But I will defend Debbie, the admin, to the end. Her heart must be breaking. She wants justice for Natalee very much. She wants to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

When can we expect to read Parts 4 and 5?

Anonymous said...

Quote the last poster.

"But I will defend Debbie, the admin, to the end. Her heart must be breaking. She wants justice for Natalee very much. She wants to do the right thing."

I disagree with you regarding Debbie. If she "cared" about Natalee so much, why does she allow such filth to be on the board? Debbie wants "recognition"!

Debbie has seen the best come and go from BFN. She can honestly answer, "Why they left". This is Debbie's choice, she made her bed now she must be shown, she is not above the awesome posters that has been around to see her day after day. The truth shall surface.

Everyone knows Debbie called Robin and told her to make that post, thanking Reality, MIP6 and Ramm. We're NOT fools Debbie! Oh, and guess what Debbie? You can't delete this post!

If anyone couldn't tell what Frank meant when he made that post about Robin. You should turn your computer off and never turn it on again.

Frank is an honest man. Very dedicated to fining Natalee. Everything Frank said, needed to be said. Robin should be ashamed for making that post on BFN. I understand Debbie had her to write it and I pray Robin hopefully now see's what Debbie is made of. It's Debbie's fault Robin made the post which in return caused Frank to make that comment about Robin. You were wrong Debbie!

BFN does not stand for
Blogs For Natalee. BFN stands
Broadcast Facilities Netherland.

Blogs for Natalee Dutch Version!

You seriously need to change the name Ian.

Keep up the great work Meri & Frank! I'll be here waiting for your next article.

God Bless both of you.

Boycott Aruba! Go Michelle!

My thoughts and prayers are with the H/T family.

May Aruba sink in the ocean!

JusticeForNatalee said...

Michelle, Don't you worry about a thing. We have your back.

We will just turn up the heat a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Ian, where is Ian? Has anyone heard from Ian? Has Ian perhaps sold BFN? Let's see.... Who could that new owner be? Why would Debbie have to defend lewd remarks, when she, herself does not appreciate them? What has caused her to defend these anti-Beth bashers? Why would she call Robin and have her publically make a fool of herself and Debbie by writing such a ridiculous post? A post praising a Beth basher and an Aruban heckler who attacks posters who speak negatively about these "clubs" frequented by young tourists and young Arubans, where women (actually girls) unknowingly have drugs put in their drinks? Think, folks, why would an administrator, who really cares about Natalee and seemingly does have a high sense of Christian morals allow herself to be manipulated in such a manner? I suggest, to all of you, that we do have a mystery here. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Yes my thoughts are Reality runs the blog it's his. This was when he posted under the user name Carter he was using both for a while.

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Found a e-mail in my inbox this morning asking if I would consider being the Administaror on a forum.

Anyone else receive something like that ?
I think he is